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How IPSEC Satellite Works

How IPSEC Satellite Works

Discussing Key Elements Relating To Broadband Satellite Internet

Broadband satellite internet access is a high speed internet available through satellites transmission. It is facilitated by low orbit satellites known as geostationary satellites. There are different types of broadband internet services and each has its respective features and technical limitations.

Satellite systems experience delays between the transmission of the data to the user and the time when the request is sent out . This is called signal latency and results due to the distance the signal has to travel from user to satellite, as well as delays due to environmental hindrances.

Environmental conditions such as snow and precipitation, also reduce the internet speeds because these represent added obstruction for the signal as it travels between the user ground station and satellites. To compensate for these delays, the end user may need to have larger dishes as this will increase the collected signal strength.

These systems work on the principle of line of sight. This means that the dish must have a clear view of the satellite. Therefore one should choose a spot where there is no obstruction from trees and buildings.

Most persons select this type internet for its bandwidth or capacity. This means that one single user may connect several computers remotely within a single installation. This may however result in restrictions in upload and download speeds, especially in peak periods.

Such services may also be provided by portable satellite modems. The modem is a self contained rectangular box which has a built-in amplifier to improve signal strength. They are very useful with laptops because they have a common computer connector and batteries, which will prevent draining of the laptop batteries.

Very small aperture terminal communication, also known as VSAT, is a common option for the broadband service used by businesses, banks and households. It involves two way communications between two dishes via satellite links and then transmission to a hub, to which a computer is connected for the end user.

Some service providers offer modifications of VSAT known as One Way Receive with Terrestrial Transmit. This system uses a conventional modem to transmit signals over a telephone line but gets downstream data to the computer via the satellite at a higher rate. This service is generally cheaper because of the reduced upload rates. This form of broadband can allow users to get mobile broadband if equipped with a GPRS OR GSM phone.

There are a few requirements for providing this type of internet service. These include a transmitting station or uplink facility. An internet connection with proxy servers and a modulating unit to generate the signal which is to be transmitted are also required. An outdoor unit is also a must, and this may be in the form of a dish which is mounted in such a way so as to achieve maximum uplink efficiency.

One can find different types of broadband prices depending on the type of service and the speed for what they need to use it. It is based on a payment done periodically, and how much speed and download limit one needs. Each broadband service provider has his prices, packages, bundles and deals but obviously one can look around and select the best deal.

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